It takes determination to bring about a tremendous endeavor. And so it has been the same for Kevin Dickinson

The ambitious lad’s interest peaked in his early teens for the auto repairs. It was bound to happen to young Kevin since his Uncle owned a two man collision shop. In quest of knowledge, Kevin religiously made visits to his Uncle’s shop after school; availing the opportunity to acquire hands-on experience and factual information.

In 1995, Kevin got enrolled in a tech school, the Nashville Auto Diesel College, to further polish his skills and understanding of the discipline. After successfully completing the course, Kevin returned back home, soon after which he got hired at the prestigious Pfeiffer Collision in Grand Rapids. The highly professional team of technicians at Pfeiffer helped Kevin become what he is today by hammering in great skill, and unlocking immense untapped potential.

After serving a tenure of four years at Pfeiffer, now a much skilled professional, Kevin set off to Gerber Collision which was then known as Hansen Collision. An extensive period of nine years served at Gerber Collision endorsed Kevin’s skill thoroughly in the long run!

In 2007, Kevin had a few personal obligations and a change of heart which diverted him from auto body repairs and directing him elsewhere. He was pursuing to become a personal trainer, but his love for repairing automobiles, and working away hours in workshops was echoing back to Kevin. This forced him to come back to auto repair! In 2010, Kevin moved to San Diego, California to work at The Dent Devil’s to train one-on-one for a month with the owner himself, Eddie Martin. Eddie contributed towards increasing Kevin’s knowledge of the repairs since he was a renowned, skilled, paintless dent removal technician in the West Coast area. There was an alteration in the course of events, when Kevin went back to pursuing personal training.

With his reawakening love for a career in paintless dent removal (PDR), Kevin got an offer from Cooper’s Paint & Body a workshop located at Stock Island in Key West, Florida. His two years of working tenure at Cooper’s helped him explore his PDR skills. He was also handling administrative tasks such as ordering parts, dealing with Insurance companies, and documenting estimates for customers, etc.

Kevin’s diversely extensive and thorough experience in the auto repairs has yielded him the following set of skills including minor and major body replacement:

• Unitized body and full frame pulling
• Unitized rail replacement
• Full frame replacement
• Plastic Filler dent repairs
• Suspension component replacement
• Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) diagnostics and replacement

A career rich with reliable and exhaustive knowledge of the skill itself, enabled Kevin to be his own boss! He has successfully initiated the East Coast PDR, and envisions to deliver fast and efficient auto repair services; advocating affordability and high-quality standards.