Officially established in 2010, Key West PDR is renowned in the whole Key West region. We are the premier leadership of mobile dent repairs in the entire local area! We serve you through our remarkably earned expertise over the course of years in the auto body repairs.

At Key West, we cover major and minor body replacement and repair services, in which the most claimed by our clientele are as follows:

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Ding and Dent Removal

Headlight Resurfacing

Bumper Reshaping

Our unparalleled experience of twenty years makes us one of the best in the profession! We offer top-notch repair services along with strict adherence to prescribed safety protocols.

We are licensed and registered by the regulatory bodies, and committed to rendering highest standards of automotive repair and dent removal services. We fix all types of damages and dents; either it’s a bumper reshaping or a premium paintless dent repair, we will refurbish your vehicle as good as new!

Our team of highly skilled professionals makes sure that you get premium quality services each time you come in with a disfigured automobile! Customer satisfaction means everything to us!

And, that’s why we introduced an innovative feature that makes our services stand apart in the business, we are only a call away! Our support professionals at KeyWest will set up an appointment right away, saving your time. We’ll plan consultation for your vehicle.

We also provide mobile services. Give us a call and our car repair specialists will come to your place. You can count on KeyWest body repair for thoroughly professional services. We have worked hard to maintain our quality standards to ensure premium paintless dent repairs over the passing years. We take pride in our loyal tribe of content customers! And you can be one of them.

Make most of the opportunity and get your vehicle a consultation right away!