Bumper Reshaping

The tiniest bump or scratch can damage the bumper of a car. Even a sideswipe can cause a scrape or scuff. These might not be pleasant to look at, but don’t hamper the utility of a car. However, a stronger direct impact such as a hit by another vehicle while reversing into someone else’s fence or garage door can cause the bumper to split, crack or dent considerably.

But now you don’t need to worry, KeyWest is here to save your car’s bumper and reverse all sorts of damage.

If it is the case of a cracked or split bumper, KeyWest technicians have their unique processes which allow the addition of new plastic material by ‘welding’ it into the split. This will restore the original strength of the plastic, resulting in a fully restored bumper that isn’t bent out of shape and looks brand new.

KeyWest has spent almost more than 20 years mastering the art of bumper reshaping using our custom developed techniques and tools. We have a very dedicated and motivated team that you won’t find anywhere else.

Depending on the material of the bumper, KeyWest utilizes advanced stapling techniques to re-enforce the strength of the substrate. Once the process completes, the area is then polished and cleaned to make it look new again.

Our reshaping processes also include applying of specific heat levels to the dented area and then allowing the plastic to be reshaped into its original form. Once it is completed, the area is refinished for a visible result.

Also, a plastic or rubber bumper can be reshaped without the use of plastic fillers or paint. Bumper reshaping is a very deliberate process, as there is a lot of heating and cooling involved. It is important to count on our expert technicians for reliable and authentic services.

If you have a dented or cracked bumper, call for KeyWest Paintless Dent Repair today and we’ll arrange a FREE on-site inspection.