Headlight Resurfacing

Do your car’s headlights seem dull and don’t shine as bright as they used to? In the past, replacing dim, scratched or yellowed plastic headlights was expensive but necessary to ensure safety and avoid further damages.

The good news is that you don’t need to replace them at all! Our technicians deliver quality resurfacing services to have them looking and working like they are brand new, in no time at all. The wait is over, KeyWest is here to rescue your old and scratched out headlights! We offer highly trained technicians who can safely restore your headlights from their foggy and dull appearance.

With our restoration service, car and motorcycle owners can enjoy buffed up and restored car lights – including headlights, tail lights and directional lights. We are devoted to providing the best and the safest services with a whole new level of motivation.

Today’s vehicle headlights are usually made from plastic instead of glass. Unlike glass, plastic yellows over time and clouds with the weather, exposure to sun and other atmospheric changes. Yellowing and damage decrease the strength of the headlight. A yellowed headlight reduces visibility by not allowing the brilliant light to shine through from the headlight bulb. Our experts understand the importance of your safety and comfort. We offer you a solution a cost effective way of eliminating the yellow stains on the lights that appear after a certain period of time.

KeyWest Headlight resurfacing service brings back the appearance, safety and pride of your fine vehicle. We give your car a face-lift and help you avoid safety hazards by cleaning those old-looking yellow and rusted headlights.

We specialize in removing and fixing a wide range of damages, dings and dents that affect cars.  Use our outstanding services to enjoy:

  • Improved safety for you and your family
  • Clear emission of light and eliminated dullness
  • Removal of yellow or stained appearance on the headlight
  • Increase in resale value
  • Cost effective and affordable expertise

Our headlight restoration and resurfacing process includes several steps like buffing, sanding and fine polishing. KeyWest hires a team of experienced technicians who can carefully revitalize the plastic from clouding and staining without damaging the integrity of the lenses or any surrounding paint.

Got questions about headlight restoration services? Give us a call now!